Thermally modified wood

Thermal Modification

In our Raahe factory we can modify any kiln of wood for our customers, but we are specialized for sustainable Finnish Pine and Spruce (Redwood and Whitewood). We have available most of the decking and siding/cladding profile sizes from stock, and also other dimensions are available by order. The treatment levels we keep in stock are Durability Levels 1, 2 and 3. Also some 212°C level products are available.  Our Thermally Modified Wood can be used for both exterior and interior applications, example for  cladding and windows, doors and furniture to decking or flooring, landscaping and interior paneling.

Decking Boards

Ready made Decking Boards available from stock as in our product catalog

Flooring boards

Ready made Flooring Bboards available from stock as in our product catalog

Thermally modified sawn goods

Rawsawn untreated wood available from stock thicknesses 25, 32, 50 mm, widths 100, 125 and 150 mm. Other size by order availabble as well.

Cladding boards

Ready made Clading boards available from stock as in our product catalog.

Decoration profiles.

Ready made Decorating Boards available from stock as in our product catalog

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