Thermally Modified Wood

Finnish shaped.
Steam refined.

Our solution for your
interior and exterior wood projects

Through the process of thermal modification, we open up a wide range of applications for our wood from Finnish forests, from exterior cladding and windows, doors and furniture to decking or flooring, landscaping and interior paneling. Please click below for our latest brochures with general information about TMW Raahe Oy or a closer look on our way of thermal modification as well as for a brief overview of profiles we offer.

Finnish shaped.

Due to the climatic conditions, the native wood from Finnland’s vast forests has grown more stable by nature. Thus, we provide you a solution with an exceptional quality

Steam refined.

Due to the process of thermal modification, we permanently improve the physical and chemical properties of our wood throughout its entire cross-section. Thus, we provide you a solution that goes far beyond the usual use cases of untreated wood.

Thermally modified wood

Untreated wood itself is a great building material. However, our thermally modified wood goes beyond: It has an improved durability and increased dimensional stability, it is enhanced in aesthetic appeal and still remains the sustainable building material with a low carbon footprint.

Sustainable produced.

Due to the use of waste heat from Finnish steel production, we produce in a very resource-efficient way. Thus, we provide you a solution with much smaller environmental footprint than the competition.

Versatile built.

Due to the improved properties and the chemical-free production, our thermally modified wood suits perfectly as building material. Thus, we provide you both a very durable and a fully natural, biodegradable solution for your applications.

What do we mean with "Finnish shaped." and "Steam refined."?

Actually we summarize herewith the two main characteristics of our thermally modified wood. So, what do we mean with these terms are explained in detail below.

Finnish Shaped.

Finnland’s climatic conditions make our wood so special. The north of our land is mostly covered by ice and snow. Thereby, the vegetation period of the boreal coniferous forest extends to about short but intense 100 days.

The sun rarely sets these times, allowing the trees to take full advantage of the beautiful summer nights for growth. Their pursuit of light leads to a very straight shaped wood with only small notches. This makes it much more stable compared to this from same tree species grown elsewhere. That’s why we proudly name our wood “Finnish shaped”.

Steam Refined.

The process of treating wood with heat is not a recent discovery. Even the Vikings used wooden posts with a charred exterior when building their forts, as these lasted longer compared to untreated ones. But it was not until the 1990s that Finnish companies took a pioneering role and standardized as well as commercialized the thermal modification of wood. This technique enables us to improve the properties of our native spruces and pines to such an extent that they meet the standards for durability classes I to II. As a result, they become perfectly suitable for both interior and exterior use and eliminate the need for tropical woods. During thermal modification, we steam-heat our wood to temperatures up to 250°C. The absence of oxygen is imperative here, to prevent it from igniting. Still, the intended enhancements of its physical and chemical structure occur:

Its natural substances like (hemi-)cellulose and lignin are partially decomposed and expelled together with moisture and resins of our wood. In addition, organic acids, a by-product here, significantly enhance the resistance to microorganisms, fungi, and insects that cause decay. In this way, the weather resistance and durability of our wood is increased and it becomes more resistant to cracking, splintering, and bending. Its shrinkage and swelling is also greatly reduced due to a now very limited ability of water absorption. Finally, the high temperatures cause the sugar molecules in our wood to caramelize, giving it its typical brown color. The natural structure and grain are preserved overall, resulting in its beautiful appearance. All of these advantages are permanently, throughout our wood’s entire cross-section and result from a completely natural and chemical-free process. That’s why we proudly name our wood “Steam refined.”

Our philosophy
behind your solution

We do not simply offer thermally modified wood. We are offering a solution, that has been grown and refined in line with Finland’s most important value: pure nature.

Green production through synergies.

Our unique concept of using waste heat from the Finnish steel production reduces our own energy requirements to a minimum. This means 70% lower energy costs for production, relative to competitors. In addition, Luxhammar Oy’s leading technology enables us to produce with almost no waste of wood.

Sustainable use of local resources.

We use “Finnish shaped” wood, only. In Finland, there are strict regulations to ensure that forests are managed in a way that preserves their ecological balance and promotes biodiversity. Thus, Finnish wood is considered one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available.

Higher durability than tropical woods and no chemical treatment.

Our “Finnish shaped” wood is already very stable by nature. Thermal modification further increases its durability by changing its internal structure permanently. Since only waste heat and steam cause these changes, we offer a completely natural, biodegradable and recyclable product – and we eliminate the need for tropical woods from the rainforest.

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